The Morning After….Reflections from Yesterday

2014-06-24_13 29 30The morning after…


 Sitting in this large hotel ballroom yesterday gazing at Hillary and Bill Clinton do their thing on stage made me think about my parents.  In this thousand or more person plus audience, there I sat.  Daddy’s little scrappy girl, poor, and often ashy “Bobcat” was on the stage with some of the most affluent people in the world.  His poem of “I can’t is a pale, puny pimp,” was echoing in my head.  Mom’s spiritual wisdom passed down to me on a daily basis including one of her favorites, “so the last will be first, and the first will be last,” burned in my brain.  The culmination of these rapidly firing thoughts resulted in simply this…..  I have a heart filled with extreme gratefulness.

> It was shared on stage yesterday, that a child born to parents in the bottom fifth of the income distribution has a 7.5% chance of reaching the top fifth of the income distribution in the United States. The panelists, one by one, discussed what our parents and communities instilled into each of us.  You can’t let poverty, zip codes or stats control your destiny.  Education is still the #1 accelerator out of poverty.

What has slightly changed is that STEM education trumps all other education in terms of return on investment.  Women, as an example earn 92 cents on the dollar in STEM careers versus 77 cents today in non STEM jobs.  STEM jobs are growing 2X non stem jobs.

So, today, I get back on spread the STEM gospel grind. I focus on this moment; not the memory of what is in the past. I’m a steminist with the goal of helping one student at a time. My aim is to connect each student personally with the belief and grit of knowing they have the power to be and excel beyond their wildest dreams.

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