Risk Taking Rocks!

Moving On Can Be Moving Up

This is a call to “reawaken risk taking”  in your daily lives.  Just a few random thoughts on how to jump start risk taking in your organization or your personal life.

1) Get good at possibility thinking. Think of what CAN be done versus the roadblocks. There is nothing like running into a wall of resistance. Monitoring the number of times that we say it can’t be done or we’ve already tried that and it didn’t work can go a really long way. Simply modifying, “it can’t work” to something more open ended like “what would it take to get it done?” will generate a lot more creativity and discussion. You may stumble on something new that will work in the course of a conversation. 

2) Remove the cross department angst. Stop worrying about who gets credit. There’s no faster way to lose credibility than to be worrying about trophies and who gets the prize.   Just do the right thing and let credit manage itself.

3) The path to success requires pushing through your comfort zone. Growth doesn’t generally occur in what we’ve always done. Stretch and roll up your sleeves. Think big.  Most people will say their highest growth opportunity resulted from a roll that they feared or a decision that had them “shaking in their boots.”

4) Set a goal and go after it. With good intent, we tend to make things complicated. We are engineers(analyzers) for goodness sake and we want the 20 page document as our security blanket. Keeping a simple goal that people can connect with gives your vision a lot more mileage.  

5) Get back to the basics. Speak up and make some decisions even if they are tough to make.  Minimize the number of decision makers if possible.  Be very deliberate on the criteria required to make the decision and don’t procrastinate for the sake of delaying a decision. Some delays speed you up. Be clear with yourself and your teams.

 How are you or your teams internalizing the challenge of risk taking?  Please share.  I’ll continue to update you on any cool things I hear.

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