Nelson Mandela's Prison, Robben Island

This is an inspirational piece to remind us that we all have the power to be our best.    Thought management is critical to this process and it will  require ”freeing of the mind.”  Drop me a comment regarding your thoughts on this topic.  I’d especially like to hear what’s shackling you and keeping you from being your best.  This is a great week to get off your “buts”  (as in excuses).


Freedom escapes us more times than not

Even without the ties that physically bind.

No chains on our feet. No prison walls.

Yet we are seriously constrained by our mind.

Freedom escapes us

During our strenuous efforts to please.

We seek to gain the satisfaction of others,

And in turn, cause ourselves to bleed.

Freedom escapes us

Too easily in our day to day.

And small decisions made hour by hour.

Choosing the opposite of our truth,

In a effort to suit others,

Results in relinquishing our power.

Freedom Escapes Us.

And what does power have to do with being free?

If we imprison our passions and dreams,

The power of being true to ourselves will slowly deplete.

We then live a story that is a replica.

And our gift to this world is not complete.

Freedom Escapes Us.

Written by Barbara H. McAllister ©


  1. Reese Boyd III Said,

    August 22, 2010 @ 9:57 pm


    This is an awesome piece!

    Hope you’re well.



    PS – if the “but” in your opening paragraph refers to “excuses” then I believe it’s correct. If it’s an anatomical reference then I believe it has two “t”s!!

  2. Barbara McAllister Said,

    August 22, 2010 @ 10:03 pm

    Hi There RB3!

    Thanks for reading. I was actually referring to our excuses or the but without the two “t’s”. We use to call them “but sandwiches.” It typically sounds like. “I would go after my PhD..”but” I’m too old. However, the double TT may be at play for some too. lol! Have a great week and thanks.

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