Faith can Fill The Gaps -How is your Faith and Fear Relationship

We had another great day yesterday and were able to visit several key attractions in Egypt that will last in our memories for a lifetime. In a day, we were able to visit the Egyptian Museum, The Citadel, The Pyramids and we concluded our day with a yummy dinner with the Citadel as our back drop. Oh what a beautiful day we had together and we are learning and being exposed to so much of the history and culture of Cairo.

We started the day by touring the Egyptian museum and marveling at all of the astonishing King Tut artifacts. The detail in every item whether the coffins, jewelry, beetles or monuments highlighted the quality of work administered during this era. As we marveled at the work, we realized that the creators of these immaculate designs are the forefathers of all of the engineering disciplines. We took notes for most of our visit as the tour guide shared tons of key factoids and interesting trivia facts. In one of our question and answer sessions, a fellow engineer and I were having a side conversation about how amazing it was to see this level of architectural design and civil engineering details that were designed with perfection and with a lasting effect without formal training? The tour guide didn’t hesitate in his response to our question and left us with words that compel us to think beyond ourselves. He shared, “ The people of this era had faith. This faith provided the inspiration behind every design and it eliminated their fears about not being able to create and develop these great pieces of work. Their faith kept them active and moving every day and provided what they needed even without the formal engineering training.”

What a poignant word and so very timely. It is this same faith that has me traveling in the middle east to participate in a two way exchange between Arabs and Americans. It is this faith that both regions have to stay focused on to bring about improvements in the access and quality of education and healthcare. It is this same faith that keeps Dr. Alon Ben-Meir , Najla Al Awadhi, Young Arab Leaders and Business Diplomatic Action moving towards their visions. With this faith, we can move forward and individually contribute our gifts one action at a time. Where there is faith, fear moves aside.

Today we are meeting with international companies in this region. I’ll share more tomorrow. Have a nice day.

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  1. Rita Holiday Said,

    October 14, 2009 @ 9:19 am

    Thanks for taking us along on your exciting whirlwind of an assignment to Eqypt. It sounds wonderful. I look forward to reading more about your exchange with the students, and teachers who will be receiving the pc’s. We are so proud of all of you.

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